In the early evenings, Sheba Piano Lounge caters to a relaxed dinner crowd. Chef Netsanet Alemayehu provides an innovative menu of dishes accompanied by Ethiopia’s indigenous bread, Injera. The menu features Ethiopian riffs on American fare such as the popular Pomegranante Meatballs sprinkled with blue cheese, a Sirloin Sambussa pastry stuffed with spiced beef, and lightly breaded Rosemary Balsamic Sea Bass with turmeric rice. The Alemeyahu sisters visit Ethiopia occasionally where they shop for spices, and bring them home to the Fillmore so that you can experience the flavorful authenticity of Ethiopian cuisine and culture. Check out the menu below


Baklava 6

Warm Cheesecake Brownie 6

Cheesecake 6.50

Tiramisu 6.50

Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookies 6.50

Chocolate Fudge Cake 7

Prices subject to change.